• For INTERNAL/BRANCH USE ONLY, email Clientsupport@communityarchives.com for proper documentation and tracking
    • This inbox is exclusively for Associa employee use only.  Do not copy any external clients on emails sent to this email 
    • Note - Sending multiple emails creates multiple tickets in the Client Support inbox and may cause a delay in response.  Try to respond to the automatic reply that is generated with the ticket number in the subject line
    • Add the three letter branch code, the Association name, and the order number in the subject line if possible.  Be clear in what you are requesting.


  • You may use the following to respond to those contacting you related to Community Archives orders.  *Set this up as an email signature for quick access*:




Thank you for reaching out. Please be advised your request and questions on lender questionnaire orders and/or resale document orders must be addressed through the Community Archives team.  Below is detailed information on contacting them for your convenience: 


• By phone at 833-HOA-DOCS 

• Please note, they have an auto-call back option, in lieu of waiting on hold. Be sure to use your cell phone or a direct call back number, as the system auto calls, no extensions or office main numbers should be used. A member of Community Archives will return your call that same day.   

• Email customerservice@communityarchives.com – please be advised currently they are experiencing higher than normal email volume, a call-back option may receive a quicker response.



  • If you must reach out on behalf of an external client regarding an order that is already in process, email Customerservice@communityarchives.com and BCC the Operations Supervisors (Ofelia Flores, Oflores@communityarchives.com / Michael Humdy, Mhumdy@communityarchives.com)  - make sure it is a Blind Copy.
  • If the issue is regarding a general question or how to place an order, BCC Sadia Tabassum, Stabassum@communityarchives.com.