Community Inspections such as Covenants compliance inspections (CCIs) may be required by the Board of Directors prior to the sale of a unit, or they may be offered as an option service selected by the shopper.  When an order is received that requires a CCI, the assigned inspector for the Community will be notified via email.

Visit our article related to Community Notifications to learn about how to be sure that the appropriate inspector is assigned to the correct Community.

Completing a New Inspection

  • A system generated email will be sent to the assigned inspector containing the unit address, Community name, and the date in which the inspection will need to be completed.
Please take note that a CCI notification will only be sent to an inspector after a) the order has been paid for, and b) the address is verified.  Should the shopper make any changes to priority service levels, the due date listed in the notification email may no longer be accurate.  The CA team is aware of this and is working to implement a fix to this issue

  • Once the inspection has been completed, the inspector can click the link within the email to submit the information.

  • The inspector will be brought directly to the page to submit the information.
  • If the system generated email cannot be located, the inspector may also access the page by logging in to Client Portal > Communities > Select Community > Inspections
  • Click 'Begin Inspection'

  • Click 'Add Observation' and select the type, then enter the description.
  • Repeat for any violations.

  • Add at least three photos of the Front, Left, and Right side view of the unit.
  • Certify completion, and then click 'Submit'.

If you need assistance with inspections, please contact Client Support at