Community Questionnaires

The Community Questionnaire section is where vital Community information is stored in Community Archives.  It is important for Contributors to ensure the information is kept as up to date as possible.  Any outdated or missing information will result in information requests being sent to the assigned Contributor(s) and could potentially cause a delay in order delivery.  Use the Community Questionnaire to update information such as:

  • Community Disclosures
  • Special Assessments
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Community Litigation
  • Leasing Restrictions
  • Pet Restrictions

How To Access and Edit Information

  • Once logged in to the CA V3 Client Portal, Click 'Communities' on the left side of the page.  Search or select the Community you would like to update.

  • Click the 'Questionnaire' tab.

  • Click 'Edit' by the right hand side to begin.  If you are searching for a specific question, use the search feature (CTRL+F) within Chrome to quickly locate the question.

  • After completing edits, scroll back up to the top of the page and be sure to click 'Save'.

**Answers may need to be reviewed by an Administrator before they are considered to be live.**

Requests for Information

As preparers work orders for your Communities, any missing or outdated information will be requested from the assigned Contributor.*  The Contributor will receive an email notifying them information needed.  

  • Click the link in the email, which will bring you directly to the page for the answer to be provided.

*Visit the Article related to Community Notifications for more information on setting up Contributor assignments.