This solution article outlines how to prepare and fulfill an order.


Section 1: Starting the Order

  1. After opening the order, hover over the 'Actions' button on the right and click 'Start'.  This will change the order status from 'Ready to Prepare' to 'Preparing'

Section 2: Verifying the Unit

  1. Go to the Preparation tab. If the unit is NOT automatically verified and locked, this means that the shopper entered an alternate address while placing the order.  If this occurs you will see 2 things:
    1. A red exclamation point in a circle next to the address
    2. A note underneath the Order Documents section that reads "All units must be verified and locked before order documents may be prepared
  2. To replace the address with a valid unit, click the pencil icon to the right
  3. From the window that pops up, you can replace the incorrect unit with the correct address that is verified.
  4. Click "Lock Units' after replacing the bad address and then move forward with preparing the order.
Important!  Once you lock a unit, this cannot be undone.  Be sure you have selected the correct replacement address before moving forward.  An order will have to be cancelled and reordered by the shopper if the incorrect unit is locked in.

5. If you were unable to locate a replacement unit, you can block the order to alert the shopper that there is an issue.

6. To block an order, go to the 'Actions' button and select 'Block Order'

Blocking an order will send a notification to the shopper that there is an issue with the order that needs to be resolved before preparing can occur.  The order status will be changed to 'Blocked'. 

7. Select 'Unit' as the reason code and enter the note you want to send to the shopper.  Example below:

  • Please be advised that the address provided in the order could not be validated by our team.  Please provide additional information or documentation to verify the property address.  If you believe this to be in error, you may contact our office

Section 3: Verifying the Seller Information

  1. If you need to edit a seller or buyer name entered by a shopper: from the preparation tab, click 'Actions' (make sure it is the option next to the closing information) and then 'Update'
  2. Make the necessary edit and then click 'Update'.
  3. If you were unable to determine the reason for the discrepancy, you may block the order to notify the shopper that additional information is needed.

Section 4: Preparing the Order Documents

Static documents are those that do not require any edits or building by a preparer.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgets
  • Financials
  • Governing Documents
  • Insurance Certificates

Dynamic documents are those that need to be built by the preparer.  Unlike the above static documents, they contain information that changes regularly.  Some examples of dynamic documents are:

  • Statement of Accounts (Aka, Estoppel Certificates, Paid Assessment Letters, Resale Certificates, depending on Jurisdiction)
  • Resale Disclosure Certificates
  • Lender Questionnaires

Preparing Static Documents

  1. From the 'Preparation' tab, scroll down to the 'Order Documents' section. The document name will be listed to the far left and a list of available versions will be under the document name.
  2. To the right of the file name will be the version.  In most cases, the latest version will be the correct document to include. You can download the file, or quick view to review the document.
  3. After determining which version correct, click 'Prepare'.
  4. Once you have clicked 'Prepare' by the document version, verify by clicking 'OK'.
  5. Repeat this process for all static documents contained in the order. Prepared documents will be indicated by being listed as 'Prepared' on the far right, with a checkmark underneath, followed by 'Prepared Version'.

Preparing Dynamic Documents

  1. Scroll to the dynamic document(s), which will show a lightning bolt next to the document name.
  2. Click 'Build'.
  3. Click on 'Source Data'
  4. Click the button to the right that reads 'Build'.
  5.  Expand the information sections: 'Order Unit Information' and 'Question Information'.
  6.  Click 'Edit' and update the fields as needed
  7. Move on to the 'Question Information' section.  These are questions that pull from the Community's questionnaire and are referred to as 'Tokens'. Any question that is not answered will show a red flag.  
  8. Fill in any missing answers and then click 'Save'.
  9. Once you have filled in all answers on the 'Source Data' side, click on 'Builder' to check for any editable fields.  (This step will apply to Refinance Statement of Accounts and Custom Lender Questionnaires)  Enter in any missing information.  You can also refresh information as needed, and the refresh options will do the following:
    1. "refresh all" - refreshes all Source Data information and clears out all of your answers entered in the builder.
    2. "refresh default" - refreshes all Source Data information, and will NOT clear out your answers to custom questions.
  10. Click 'Rebuild'.  This will re-generate the document and include any answers you have entered from either 'Source Data' or 'Builder'.
  11. Click 'Save Built Document'.
  12. You will be brought back to the preparation tab of the order and will see that there is now a version of the document ready to be marked as 'Prepared'.
  13. Once all documents in the order have been prepared, the blue status bar at the top of the order preparation page will reach 100%.

Finish Preparing

  1. Click the "action" button and select 'Finish Preparing'.
  2. That will change the order status to 'Ready to Deliver' or 'Pending Approval' (if order approvals are required) and the preparing process is complete. 

An order that is in "Ready to Deliver" status will automatically be sent out of the system when it has reached 70% of the maximum processing time.  (i.e., an order that shows a processing time of 10 calendar days will be sent out no earlier than the 7th day) An order CAN be delivered manually if needed - Just hover over the Action button and select 'Deliver'.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please reach out to Community Archives Client support at