This solution article outlines the process for completing "jointly-prepared" orders in Community Archives. 

Orders that contain custom documents, i.e. Lender Questionnaires are sometimes "jointly-prepared" depending on your community's settings. When you have this setting enabled, you will prepare the non-custom documents on the order and then send the order to Community Archives and we will prepare the custom document.


Community Settings

To verify if this setting is enabled for your community, navigate to the community settings page, and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you see a "Yes" next to "Managed Custom Document Preparation" then your community is setup correctly.

If you see a "No" for this setting and you feel this should be enabled, send an email to and we will update this setting for you. 

Section 1: Jointly Prepared Order Process

  1. For jointly-prepared orders, you'll prepare all of the documents on the order EXCEPT the custom documents the same way you normally would. Then click "Actions" and choose "Send to Community Archives."
  2. This order will appear in our queue and we will attempt to prepare the custom document(s) on the order using the information in the order and any other information we have available in Community Archives.
    1. If we're able to complete the custom document(s), we will also complete preparation of the order. The order will then be delivered when ready (OR will move into "Pending Approval" if this is enabled for the product).
    2. If Community Archives is unable to prepare the custom document(s), we will move the order back to "Ready To Prepare" AND we will add a comment to the order describing the issue we encountered.

Even when you have joint preparation enabled for a community, you still always have the ability to prepare the order yourself, if you choose.