General Information 

The Product Setup (V3) report contains information on community archives products and documents. 

Product Templates 

This report shows a template of the different products offered by community archives. this can be filtered by Jurisdiction ID, Incorporation Type and Product Type.

Document Types

This page is a list of all the documents with a description for each type. 

Data Dictionary

This page shows a list of the data sources and types of community, company, order, invoice, units, etc. This list shows how each source is stored in the database. This page can be filtered by data source.

You can filter by data source on the top of the page.

Generated Documents

This page shows a list of all the generated documents from community archives. The list also has the names of the templates for each document. This page can be filtered by company ID.

Company Products

This page shows a list and description of the products offered by Community Archives. This page can be filtered by Region and Product type.

Community Products

This page shows the products each community has with preparation instruction details. This can be filtered by Company, Product Type and Community.

Community Information

This page shows a list of community names with information on each community, such as services and incorporation types.

On the top left, you can see the CommunityShopStatus table. this shows if a community shop status is active or not. To the right of the CommunityShopStatus table is the CommunityFees table. This table shows the fees and types of fees per community, and also shows the amount of units per community. On the bottom of the page, there is the CommunityQuestions page. This table displays common questions and answers per community.

Community Documents

This page shows a list of documents by communities, and shows which documents are required by each community. This page can be filtered by community name, region and document type.

Community Questionnaire

This page shows a list of questions and answers about each jurisdiction. This includes general questions, legal questions, financial questions, etc. This page can be filtered by jurisdiction ID.