General Information

The Operations (V3) Report gives centralized branches the ability to view operational metrics for Community Archives.

Order Fulfillment

The Order Fulfillment page shows an overview of various tasks that are open, pending and handled. This can be filtered by company, task name, and date. This page includes the following metrics:

  • Tasks Open
  • Average Open Time by Business Days
  • Tasks Pending
  • Average Individual Work time
  • Tasks Handled

Order Queue

The Order Queue page shows an overview of the orders in queue that are pending and delivered, and also the average remaining time for an order. This page can be filtered by company, community, product type, prepared by, order status and date.

This page shows a list of pending orders in queue which can be classified by color as Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, 2-5 Business Days and 6+ Business days based on the due date of each order. To switch to completed orders, click on the green "Completed" button on the top right corner.

This page shows a list of completed orders which shows the orders that were completed on time, as well as orders that were completed after the due date. There is a visualization, "Late Orders by Reason", that shows a breakdown of the late orders and the reason why they were completed past the due date.

Call Arrival Patterns

The Call Arrival Patterns page shows metrics of call volumes by list of numbers dialed and company. This page shows how many calls were made every 30 minutes between 6:00AM and 5:30PM, as well as calls dialed by number. It also shows a call back metrics, call abandoned metric and a call SLA metric. This page can be filtered by platform, number dialed, company, and date.

This page shows the bar graph with call volumes and different times with a line showing the call service level. The pie chart on the right shows the call presented by number dialed. On the very right, it shows different KPIs to follow for the team and individuals.


The Inspections page shows a list of completed and pending inspections for each order. This page can be filtered by company, date and community name.

The visualization shows a metric of pending, requested and completed inspections. The list gives us more information about each inspection (order number, priority level, name, etc...).